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How to measure your hand –

Open your hand and extend your fingers. Making sure your fingers are close together. Align the ruler with the intersection of your thumb & fingers, and then measure up to the ring finger. (See image.)

You should have a pretty accurate measurement of what size grip fits the best for you. 


If you're measurement is a few centimeters away from a size, you should go with the closest size. Example; if your measurement is a 5.50", you should go with a large grip.  Or if your measurement is 4.10", you should go with a small grip. 

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The right grip size makes a huge difference in how you play pickleball. Using the wrong grip size can, and will, contribute to tennis elbow or carpel tunnel problems. It’s like running a marathon in a pair of shoes that are too small!

Each pickleball paddle manufacture, has a different size handle. So grabbing a paddle and doing the index finger trick, will not help if the paddles have different sized handles. Most companies lists the size of their handles, with different grips offered. In each paddle description, we provide the circumference of the handle based on the different grips we offer. Which leads us to, “How to measure your hand”.