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Full Custom Club Paddle

The full custom Club Paddle, uses your full club logo.

"Property of ABC CLUB", is then outlined in small print around the edge guard. Leaving it out of the way of your club logo. 

Each paddle is $65.00. Your club price break starts at 4 paddles. When you order more then 4 paddles, we will drop the price down to $55.00, per paddle. 

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Exclusively for Clubs – 

Now you can put your club name on an Integrity! Over the years we’ve heard some pretty funny stories about club paddles disappearing. The funniest story was about people taking the club paddles because they thought they were souvenirs. We have also heard some pretty disheartening stories. They are always about how often the clubs have to spend a lot of money, for a paddle that did not last. Well, worry not fellow pickleballers, we are here for you!

The “Club Paddle”, uses our extremely durable Integrity frame, newest innovated ink and will have your club name on each side. Plus, you’ll have ZZT Sports standing behind your paddles.  

Why would our club want a “Club Paddle” from ZZT Sports?

          1.    Your paddles will last through the daily beatings.
          2.    Should anything happen to a paddle, ZZT Sports will willingly take care of it. 
          3.    Players will know the paddle needs to be returned to the club. 
          4.    Players will enjoy the game even more because they are using a paddle that feels good!
          5.    Your club can go about business because you’re not worried about loaner paddles. 

We have two different set ups for your club to choose from. 


Monday - Saturday


Setup Process

The "Club Paddle' is like a range ball. (For those of you who do not golf; the range ball is provided by the course and has think black lines on it. This lets the players know the ball needs to be returned.) 

A small club logo can be inserted, or you can chose to have the club name typed out. 

Each paddle is $55.00. Your club price break starts at 8 paddles. When you order more then 8 paddles, we will drop the price down to $45.00, per paddle. 

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The Club Paddle

​1.  Purchase your design choice and paddle amount.

2.  Make sure your image size is larger than 640 x 480. (The image cannot be copyrighted and/or trademarked. We reserve the right to deny images and/or logos that do not meet these qualifications. We are also not responsible for images other find inappropriate.) 

3.  Email your picture to (Ensure your; name, phone number and email address, are provided in the email with the image.)

4.  Allow 7 - 10 business days for handling and shipping.  We are located in Arizona, so most shipments take up to 3 days thought the USPS. 

5.  Show off your custom paddle!