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America's best value in composite Pickleball Paddles

Spike Christensen (far right), with his partner in Palm Desert. Both players are using the predecessor to the Spike’s Select.

      Gold medalist Spike Christensen and his wife, Linda, found the game of pickleball one day and quickly fell in love with the sport. Their love for the game grew each time they played. With all their hours spent on the courts, their paddles could not withstand the constant force of their POP's, and their paddles could not provide the control they needed for a finesse game - unless they were willing to spend outrageous amounts of money.  Spike and his son, Jerald, resolved to make their own paddles, and they began experimenting with unusual materials. Their goal was to make a paddle that would be quiet, strong, responsive, and inexpensive.

      After many attempts and experiments with different materials, they developed the paddle that Spike loved and wanted to play with every day.  And this power and control came at a fraction of the price of available paddles!  Other players noticed Spike's paddle, too, and liked it well enough to buy it right out of his hand. Spike then realized he found an affordable way to share the joy of the game with others.

      We have been working diligently since then, to refine and improve our paddles so that we can expand our line to suit different tastes. We are steadily growing along with the game of pickleball and we have remained faithful to our commitment to offer our players a quality paddle at an affordable price, handmade with pride, right here in the USA.

We stand by our paddles 100%!