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The Ugly

 The Slim Pickin’s are running out, and we are two months from having a paddle we feel confident in selling. A gap in having anything to sell is inevitable, but we sell quality paddles, not problems. We are waiting as fast as possible, but they have to be tested, refined and retested. We invest in prototypes and send them out across the world to trusted fans, to be used and abused in every condition. People will play pickleball in subzero temperatures at 8500 feet, and we think a paddle should stand up to that, even when the third ball has cracked from the cold. We are backing these up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime (Jerald’s lifetime) core separation warrantee. You do not need warrantee cards, receipts, or proof of purchase. We keep it simple; if you are unsatisfied by the product we built, we will fix it.

We hand-build every paddle. There is no warehouse or factory full of employees and machinery. We have no research and design department and our distribution department has merged with advertising department in the form of a $30 website, that Amanda works her fingers to the bone to maintain. We carry zero debt, we have no investors or shareholders to answer to. There are four dedicated people, who manage to handle everything from purchasing to distribution. I assure you, we are far from shutting down. A goal without a plan is a dream. We’ve had a solid plan from day one. The goal is to be the best paddle, for half the price.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good

First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in production and speaking for the company itself, I would like to thank all of the ZZT sports fans and supporters for your patience. We understand how you make it possible for ZZT Sports to exist, and we love you for it. We would love to show you just how much we love you with the best paddle we can produce, and we are proud to announce we have found the material to make it possible.

To remove any prejudices and misconceptions, we had to find a company who never even heard of pickleball. That turned out to be harder than you would think, and certainly harder than it was five years ago when we developed the EVO and Fuzion line. However, we have found an American company who listened and produced results. They are good people doing good work, and we have invested in the people and the company itself, more so than the material. We had to start from scratch, and we took this opportunity to literally get down to the molecular level.

We have kept our promise of doing everything possible to bring you America’s most affordable composite paddle………. we just need more time. Two more months is all we ask for.

My family has worked for well over a decade building our reputation, investing our lives and our efforts, and growing steadily, one paddle at a time.  A challenge was made long ago, "If you think you can do better, than go for it”, sounds like a wager to me. We started our journey of making a better paddle and continue every day trying to prove that we can do it better.  We have stuck with 3 basic principles:

  1. 1.  Build the best paddle possible
  2. 2.  Sell that paddle as cheap as possible
  3. 3.  Have fun doing it

Why are we out of EVO’s?

As the man with the final say for ZZT Sports, I take full responsibility for the extended backorder on our EVO line, and soon the Fuzion Pro’s.   All of us at ZZT Sports believe – and hope – that production will resume within another month, but we just can’t guarantee it at this time.  This is the risk we took because we DO guarantee the best pickleball paddle in America.

The reason for the back order is simple.  I refused a very large order from our composite manufacturer and I halted all production thereafter. The material was not up to my standards and I would not use it.  Period. 

This was a big decision. With our thin profit margins that depend on a healthy sales volume, a halt to production will cost us big. Real big! Good thing we are not in this for the money. I’ll go back to driving a big rig cross country before I put our name on anything we ourselves wouldn’t play with. Still, you have to see the irony of me and ZZT being stuck up this river without a paddle.

(002) The Game Starts Here!

America's best value in composite Pickleball Paddles

ZZT Sports

I affectionately call our customers fans. They are not dollar signs, but supporters. We have never advertised and I never plan to. Our best sales people are the players who buy our paddles. Our sales are based on recommendations from the players on your court next to you and across the net who have been satisfied with the value and quality of their ZZT Sports paddle. With tens of thousands ZZT Sports signature white paddles spread across the world, our workmanship has created its own niche. I wouldn’t trade that for all the money in the world.

All is not lost though. We started this with something to prove.  The lack of material for our Classic and Contours gave birth to the EVO and Fuzion lines in the first place. We have packed up our Subaru and hit the road visiting old suppliers with new ideas and new suppliers with what we know works best. I have secured some Contour material and plan on releasing my stockpile of seconds, or blemished paddles, at the best price possible in the next few days.

I cannot promise an immediate solution.  But I do promise I am doing everything I can to bring you America’s most affordable composite paddle.

Jerald A. Christensen

ZZT Sports
Buckeye, AZ

We have grown with the sport for a decade now, and we have worked hard doing the work ourselves, to keep overhead costs low. The freedom of having profit at the bottom of the list of priorities, allows us to focus on quality first and invest in our reputation.

We do not make these paddles in our home, we just live in the factory. And we have never been more blessed.

Thank you for making it possible, your patience will be rewarded.

Jerald A. Christensen
ZZT Sports 
Buckeye, AZ

The Bad

We are going to release the EVO replacement November 1st, and the Fusion replacement December 1st. The timing is horrible and there is nothing we would love more than to have everything ready by the beginning of the snowbird migration. We could do it by cutting corners and “hoping for the best”, but foresight and discipline, allows us to do it our way, the right way. I personally feel sad watching the EVO, and especially the Fuzion, go by the wayside. Watching the last few Slim Pickin’s get boxed up and shipped out, I have to laugh at the fact I once said, “Nobody will buy an unpainted paddle”. Yet here we are. My favorite is still the Contour, but the Fuzion was something special and will be hard to replace.

My concern is for those who feel let down at the rec centers and clubs.   My concern is for the new players looking for an affordable, and better, alternative to wood paddles. As the sport grows, big companies are popping up with their own mass-produced paddles.  Some just attach new names to paddles made from the same materials that failed the test of active play in the past. Some use inferior materials from overseas as a cheap alternative. 

But if it costs these manufacturers less to make a paddle, why are they charging you more? Where is the guarantee of quality and satisfaction?  Pickleball is a game of fairness and trust.  That’s why we play it.  You call the ball out even if the call goes against you.  That’s why we halted production.  This is who we are.