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America's best value in composite Pickleball Paddles

Our paddles are on the "Grand Pickleball Club Paddle Sound Study" approved list!  Click  Here to view the list.

Our paddles are on the USAPA list!

 We can be contacted by phone Monday through Saturday,

between 8AM - 6PM MST at 480-828-0010.

At ZZT Sports, we handcraft each paddle in the USA, with pride and detail. We stand behind each one of our paddles 100%! If there are any flaws in our workmanship, we will take it back and refund the purchase price of the paddle, no questions asked. 

Order 6 paddles for only $210.00!

Fill a court with 4 paddles for only $120.00!

On sale now! 

1 - $49.00 

Save on two or more!

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